Hogtayliault: Page 2

Hogtayliault Parties

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House of Sullivan, site of many an equinox gathering
Gary Bogus & Mark Bilodeau in crash garb
Prophet Joss, in drag
Holiday revelers
Jeff Katz steering his way
Marriage of Jodie and Joss

Baptism of the Grand Wizard

And some more miscellaneous photos

Jodie Osgood (barely) and Bob Hogstrom
Keith Brand & Michelle
Mark Cornish, Taylor Osgood, Jodie Osgood, Kristin Cornish, Kim Yoder, others
Tim Frizzell
Jodie Osgood, um, Graham Sunstein 2002
Jodie Osgood & Bob Hogstrom
John Godfrey
Kim Yoder
Joss Filiault
Gary Bogus & Josselyn
Kristin Cornish & Friend
Liz Sullivan
Mary Jane Osgood
Michelle, Mark, and Graham Sunstein
Jodie & Taylor Osgood at Taylor's HS Graduation
Bill Raynor tending the fields
Bill Raynor