Hogtayliault: Past Events (1976 and 1996)

Hogtayliault Parties

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photo 1
A rousing chorus of I'm Dreaming of a White Hogtayliault! (Jenny Sullivan, Steve Taylor, Joss Filiault, Jodie Osgood, Steve Heyser, and Tommy Frizell)

photo 3
Steve Taylor & Mike O'Leary
photo 4
Bob Hogstrom hangin' out in Jodie's room
photo 5
Bob Hogstrom, Jay Boatman, and Jeff Katz
photo 6
Mark Abbot on fiddle, Mark Bilodeau on guitar and Keith Brand on banjo
photo 2
This was at the Osgood's probably in 1978. (Starting with the green cap and going clockwise: Keith Brand, Joss Filiault, Liz Sullivan, Gary Bogus, Jeff Katz, Kate (Godfrey) Dwyer (stretched out), Karen McElroy, Bob Hogstrom, Steve Taylor, and Kim (Yoder) Glenn)


photo 7
Michelle Bilodeau, Hugo Buda, Joss Filiault
photo 8
Dave Schiffman and Mike O'Leary
photo 9
Michelle and Mark Bilodeau (she holds a pose well, no?)
photo 10
Jay Boatman and Dave Schiffman
photo 11
John Godfrey, Keith Brand, and Clay Jerolmack (recent convert)
photo 12
Kristen (Cornish) Wronski and Joss Filiault
photo 13
Bill Raynor, Trip Wheeler, Alex Raynor (with cast), and Taylor Osgood

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